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Neighbors’ Edge

Neighbors’ Edge Oakland, California 2018 marksearch teamed up with Youth Beat, Oakland Unified School District’s youth media training program and the Oakland’s Youth Poet Laureates to listen, learn,… Read More »Neighbors’ Edge

Silver Speaks

Silver Speaks Silver City, Nevada 2017 Silver Speaks engages the activist spirit of Silver City, a dynamic Northern Nevada desert town. At the Comstock’s gateway, Silver… Read More »Silver Speaks

Power Call

Power Call Oakland, California 2015 This nomadic, interactive energy commons uses low-tech systems to harness, store and dispense energy for recharging a variety of mobile… Read More »Power Call

10,000 Steps

10,000 Steps Oakland, California 2007-10 10,000 Steps was a unique collaboration with city agencies, neighborhood groups and community-based organizations to draw attention to historic parks and… Read More »10,000 Steps

CAlabama Peddlers

CAlabama Peddlers York, Alabama 2007 CAlabama Peddlers explored the local history and community-building in a small rural town. York’s residents shared stories about the region’s development… Read More »CAlabama Peddlers