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Silver Speaks

Silver City, Nevada 2017

Silver Speaks engages the activist spirit of Silver City, a dynamic Northern Nevada desert town. At the Comstock’s gateway, Silver City morphed from gold rush mecca, to ghost town, and then hippie refuge. Seeking an escape from the urban stresses of the 1970s, many artists, academics and scientists relocated to this dwindling town. With less than 200 residents, many over 70, locals fear encroaching pit mines will destroy their way of life.

Based on messages collected in the post office, the town’s singular business, as well as histories gleaned from town gatherings, hikes and visits with local archeologists, inventors and thinkers, we created civic tools for advocacy and preservation. The postcards, a community photo album, will be sent to local and state legislators to save their town. Built with a town craftsman, the podium is dedicated to righteous stories, authentic free speech and preserving this community’s spirit of generosity. A potluck in the community center inaugurated the podium with open-mic storytelling and music.

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